How it works

You can come and go as often as you like within our opening hours:
Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, and Saturday 8.30am to 4pm.
If you need any more information pop in to the store or call 01534 631996.

Size Guide

"How much storage do you need?" may seem a daunting question, but we can help you choose the most suitable size of storage unit. Just call us with an approximate list of contents or simply list the items in our online quote section.

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From 5 sq ft - 20 sq ft
  • Bicycles, surfboards, garden tools
  • Boxes of clothes, wine or files
  • Declutter flats or rooms
Small / Medium
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From 25 sq ft - 45 sq ft
  • Contents of small flats
  • Create more living space at home
  • Winter storage of garden furniture
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From 50 sq ft - 65 sq ft
  • Contents of a two bedroom flat
  • Retail stock or trade storage
  • Small archive document store
Medium / Large
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From 70 sq ft - 80 sq ft
  • Contents of a large two bedroom flat or small house
  • Retail stock or trade storage
  • Archive document storage
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From 90 sq ft - 110 sq ft
  • Contents of a three bedroom flat or house
  • Retail stock or trade storage
  • Medium archive document store (usually 10ft x 10ft)
Extra Large
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From 125 sq ft - 200 sq ft
  • Contents of a four bedroom house
  • Sizeable retail stock or trade storage
  • Large archive document storage. We can provide racking, please ask for a quote.

Packing Materials

Our whole range of packing materials are on display and available for purchase from our reception area. We sell boxes specifically designed for storing and moving and are suitable for everything in the home or office. We also sell tape, bubble wrap, packing paper and a host of other useful packing and moving materials. Our boxes are strong, durable and are fully recyclable having been made from 90% recycled material.

Boxes Packing Material Image

We have a large selection of boxes ranging from CD/DVD sized, to strong archive sized, and even one that stands like a wardrobe with a hanging rail!

Moving Packs
Moving Packs Packing Material Image

A selection of everything you need when moving or storing, including boxes, bubble wrap, tape, pens, protective covers and packing paper.

Packaging Packing Material Image

All the packaging you need to keep your items safe and dust free in their boxes. Bubble wrap, packing paper and furniture covers of different sizes.

Essentials Packing Material Image

A wide variety of essential moving products including tape, tape guns, padlocks and marker pens.

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