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The company was established in 1825 and is still owned and directed by the 6th generation of the Le Gallais Family.

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Size guide

We have over 25 different size units; below is a guide to the most popular and how our clients love to use them.

Top Tip; The average height of our storage units is 9ft so tightly packing your goods makes your storage more cost effective. Packing your goods in boxes is an easy way to maximise your space.

Unit 1
Small - 15 sq ft - 20 sq ft

The apartment lifestyle choice; similar in size to a basement locker. Ideal for storing your bike on end, luggage, fitness gear and all that "stuff" we seem to collect.

From £68/Month

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Unit 2
Small/Med - 25 to 35 sq ft

Similar in size to a telephone box. Ideal for storing boxes, small furniture, sports gear, or the contents of a studio flat if you're off travelling. Online retailers like this size.

From £96/month

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Unit 3
Medium - 50 sq ft

One of our most popular categories. About the size of a garden shed, the ideal unit to de-clutter your home before sale, office archiving, garage clear-outs, etc.

From £170/month

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Unit 4
Med/Big - 75 sq ft

THE storage unit choice of the last decade and about the size of a Luton removal van. Great for the contents of 2-3 bedroom homes, small businesses, clubs or societies.

From £226/month

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Unit 5
Big - 100 sq ft

About the size of a standard single garage averaging 10ft Deep x 10ft width x 9ft height with single/double doors. Popular for smaller 3 bedroom home moves, a good house sort out, palletised business stock, archiving and office moves etc.

From £267/month

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Unit 6
Large - 125 to 150 sq ft

Roughly the size of a large removal van; optional double doors. Ideal for storing the contents of a medium house plus garden shed. A good choice for beneficiaries to hold family possessions whilst they are sorted through.

From £342/month

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Unit 7
Extra large - 200 to 300 sq ft

Similar size of a standard double garage and ideal for large home moves or multiple users. A popular choice for building renovations, loft extensions and home improvements.

From £532/month

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Unit 2 Test
XXL Unit - 300 sq ft +

Similar in size to a shipping container at around 30ft Deep x 10ft Wide with double door access - Our biggest storage units, able to cope with large household storage, storage of large items and business stock.

From £779/month

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