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We take pride in our fair & realistic valuations

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We take pride in our fair & realistic valuations Image

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We've previously discussed the new-found stability in Jersey's property market, with year-on-year price growth reverting to a healthier and more sustainable 4%. This is welcome news for both buyers and sellers, and is one reason why volume is returning to the market.

This growth in transactions is also likely to be a result of vendors accepting realistic valuations on their properties, the importance of which cannot be underestimated if you want to successfully sell your home.

No substitute for realistic valuations

From the outset, Le Gallais has prided itself on giving our clients free, fair and ultimately, realistic valuations. Sometimes potential clients may not be keen to hear a true valuation - particularly if they've heard of a similar property 'up the road' selling for more! The truth is, however, that there's no substitute for taking a realistic approach if you want to move swiftly to making a successful sale.

Overvaluation delays

When a property is overvalued, it can take much longer to sell. Essentially, it has to wait for the market to catch up with it, which means a 10% over-valuation could result in a wait of about two years before it becomes appropriately priced. It can be quite easy to spot those properties that are valued too highly: they tend to sit on the market for month after month.

Broken chains

Nobody wants to see this happen. Many property owners need to sell in order to finance their next purchase. If they've already agreed an offer to buy a new home, then holding out for an excessive price not only runs the risk of seeing the desired purchase fall through, but could bring a whole chain of transactions crashing down.

Buyers know a fair price

When looking to sell a property, it's crucial to remember that a realistic value is one that the current market can support. Buyers look at a whole range of possibilities when choosing a new home and, in our experience, tend to know what a fair price is. Buyers are generally willing to offer the asking price, or very close to it, for realistically priced properties.

Good valuations, good offers

Because the whole team at Le Gallais is committed to only providing realistic valuations, when offers come through, the vast majority are serious and worthy of consideration by our clients. We are proud that this approach brings enormous satisfaction to our clients and, in the majority of cases, leads to a swift sale.

But don't just take our word for it...

Our clients agree that the Le Gallais approach to valuations works. Here's what one customer recently said about us:

"I first went to another agent to help with this sale ... they misguided me on the price and I wasn't convinced they were finding/knew the right kind of clients for the property. I should have gone with Le Gallais from the start. Thanks for all your help and for being honest about the valuation and target market." 

Get your property valued today

Request your free valuation here, or simply call us on 01534 76 66 89 and ask for the sales team. We would be delighted to assist!

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