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Time for a spring clean?


A problem soon encountered when de-cluttering, moving or improving your home is what to do with all the indispensable “stuff” accumulated over the years!

For some the idea of a trip down to the dump or car boot sale is just too much to contemplate, and your loft may already be busting at the seams!

Likewise, businesses have to constantly source flexible and yet competitive storage for its stock or documents in an ever changing market place.  

Le Gallais Self Storage is the perfect solution for any home or business that requires more space. This modern purpose built facility provides flexible solutions to a wide variety of customers.

Our bright, dry and secure storage units vary in size from 10 square feet to over 1000 square feet. With drive-in parking and individual “smart” PIN codes customers can come and go when they want although CCTV surveillance, 24/7 monitoring and friendly on site staff ensure security.

Many customers simply need to add an extra “room” to their home. Others are on the move or need to de-clutter to help present their property whilst selling and buying. Customers moving to or from Jersey find Self Storage invaluable as do customers who are suddenly involved in insurance or executor matters and need storage at short notice.

A self storage unit becomes an invaluable part of many people’s lifestyles; as their lives change so does their requirement for storage. That is why, with Le Gallais, customers can upgrade or down grade room size whenever they want to suit their needs.    

Existing business customers include Financial, Trust, Legal and Insurance, On-line and High street retailers, Charities, Hospitality, local and national trades and Government agencies. 

A storage unit can cost as little as £1.25 per day and there is no need for a lease and with a minimum stay of just two weeks, it couldn’t be simpler.


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