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The pristine 1.3 acre Jersey plot that took nine years to sell

Kate Warren Image By Kate Warren
The pristine 1.3 acre Jersey plot that took nine years to sell Image

Parish: Trinity

Sold: January 2020

If you haven't heard by now, there's a housing shortage in Jersey. Well built flats, family homes or land with any sort of development potential are snapped up so fast that some don't even make it onto Estate Agent websites. 

So why did it take nine years to complete to sale of a stunning 1.3 acre plot in the Trinity countryside?

Reason 1: the vendor wanted time to asses all their options

When the vendor of Trinity Grange contacted Le Gallais back in October 2011, they asked Robin Sappé for his advice on a range of topics, including the planning process in Jersey, local developers, and how best to market the property if they were to sell.

It was clear to Robin they hadn't quite made up their minds what they wanted to with the plot, and we weren't about to start pressuring them to sell. That's not the way we work. So Robin gave them advice and the information they were after, and both parties promised to stay in touch.

We always offer our advice free of pressure or expectation. A sale should be made to benefit the customer, not the agent.

Reason 2: it wasn't the right time to sell

In 2011 the island's property market was only just starting to recover from the global recession triggered by the 2008 financial crash. House prices had fallen, and business was pretty slow for the island's estate agents.

The sale of a property like Trinity Grange would have certainly helped in a tough time, but it wasn't the right time to sell if you didn't have to. We relayed this to the vendor who wisely agreed.

We're proud of our in-depth knowledge of the Jersey market.

Reason 3: the sale wasn't as straightforward as it looked

Trinity Grange is a rare find in Jersey: 1.3 acres of flattish land nestled amongst luscious woodland. It's secluded and private, but just a brief walk from to the parish school, community centre, church and pub. 

However, there were hidden complexities, starting with the zoning of the land. Trinity Grange was a mix of both Green and White zones, meaning planning permission would only be granted in certain areas, restricting the scope for development.

The vendor was understandably reluctant to go through a lengthy planning process for a property they would never live in, so the land would have to be sold without planning permission.

When planning or negotiating a sale, it's crucial to understand all the details.

Reason 4: when it was time to sell, we had to find the right buyer

After eight and a bit years of regular contact, our hard work, patience and honest advice paid off: the vendor appointed us to to sell Trinity Grange. 

They instructed us to find a cash buyer who was willing to make an unconditional offer that was not subject to any planning approval.

Le Gallais Estates' negotiator Kate Warren took on the challenge of finding a buyer who had the vision to purchase the site without planning consent, and could see how to unleash the site's full potential.

As soon as Trinity Grange hit the market the interest was high. After 10 weeks the perfect buyer was found, and after nine years of contact with the vendor, the property finally changed hands.

Patience is a virtue. But when it's time to act, we act quickly and effectively.

The keys to success

Nine years sounds like a long time to sell a property, especially in Jersey's current market. But each sale has to be carried out on the vendor's terms, and that doesn't always mean rushing things.

Our role in the process is to provide advice and expertise, not pressure.

This was greatly appreciated by the vendors of Trinity Grange who kindly wrote to us saying:

"Thank you all for your efforts on our behalf but especially you Kate in the later stages of this process."

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