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Robin Sappé Image By Robin Sappé

Overall, the market was 8% busier between July and September, compared to the previous quarter. And 390 transactions went through court, compared to 300 in the same period in 2015, a rise of 30%.

The latest figures show the average house selling for £468,000, that's £55,000 more than the average property in Guernsey - but cheaper than London prices where you'd expect to pay closer to half a million.

The cost of four bedroom houses, and one and two bedroom flats, is down on the last quarter though, although they are selling at a higher price than last year.

The average four bed house went for £811,000, down £18,000 but £67,000 higher than they were going for last year.

One bed flats sold for about £212,000, that's around £16,000 lower than they did in the previous three months.

Two bed flats went for an average of £345,000, down around £14,000 on the previous quarter but £13,000 higher than this time last year.

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