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Stamp Duty Changes in 2015 Budget


This year's budget, approved by the States on 25 September 2014, will introduce a new law making a number of changes to stamp duty as from 1 January 2015. 

The changes will broadly assist those borrowing sums of up to £400,000 and will impact adversely on purchases by high net worth individuals:- 

  • The upper limit for first time buyers’ relief will fall      back to £400,000
  • First time buyers of properties in the range £400,001 -      £449,999 will pay reduced rates on a sliding scale
  • Stamp duty on borrowing to buy a home costing up to £400,000 will be charged at nil on the first £300,000 and at 0.25% on the difference over £300,000 up to £400,000 maximum 
  • Stamp duty on purchases of residential properties      costing more than £1m will increase on a stepped basis as follows:

- 4% between £1 million and £1,500,000

- 5% between £1,500,000 and £2 million

- 6% between £2 million and £3 million

- 7% over £3 million=

- Stamp duty on commercial (non-residential) properties will remain unchanged contains stamp duty calculators which will be updated to reflect the changes from 1st January next year.

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