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Reclaim Your Garage


The garage is often a dumping ground for misplaced objects and miscellaneous tools. Your car doesn't get a look in. Are we right?

Well now is the time to reclaim your garage space!

Find out how you can organise your garage with these five simple ideas: 

1. Declutter

Before you begin organising your garage, start by asking yourself do you really need all this stuff. Can some of it be given to charity or taken to the dump? Be ruthless: If you don't really need it, then it has got to go! It can help to make decisions based on a time limit: If you haven't used something for more than 18 months, maybe it has to go. 

2. Utilise your wall space

Once you have decided on the items you are keeping in the garage, take a good look at the available space and decide how to best utilise it. A securely mounted peg board system on the wall will allow you to hang tools off the floor and out of the way. Plus it makes it easy to see what you have, rather than rummaging through toolboxes. Free up even more space by fixing high shelves above the peg board - ideal for rarely needed items such as tins of paint and Christmas decorations. Just keep a stool handy so you can safely reach them. 

3. Over and out (of the way) 

Wooden shelves or easily installed rack units are ideal for storing items such as buckets and spades, hats and gloves, tennis rackets etc. Label your shelves and racks so family members can easily put things back in the right place, and stick to the organisation in the long term. It also makes it easier to find what you are looking for. 

4. Hide and Keep 

Make sure any dangerous chemicals, weed killers, paint pots etc are stored in a well ventilated, lockable cabinet, to avoid any spillages and keep them away from children. 

5. Book a storage unit

Your space belongs to you and not your clutter! Once you have reclaimed your garage for your car - or fitness equipment, model train set or whatever - it's important to keep it that way. Don't fall back in to bad habits. 

You need somewhere to keep your paddle board in the winter and your ski gear in the summer, but without cluttering up your newly organised garage. Why not book a storage unit to store your seasonal items?

Get in contact with Le Gallais Storage and find out how, for as little as £10 a week, our storage units can help you reclaim your garage. 

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