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​Preparing for an autumn sale

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​Preparing for an autumn sale Image

Property sales figures for the second quarter of this year show that Jersey's housing market is proving more than resilient. With the highest recorded number of sales for any quarter since 2006, the property market is looking strong and set for a healthy autumn.

An excellent opportunity

Traditionally, autumn is one of the best periods in the year for buying or selling a property. The school holidays are past and Christmas is still some way off, giving home buyers an excellent opportunity to look for a new home in which to start the new year.

As popular as autumn is for home sales, the darker evenings and inclement weather do provide a challenge for anyone wanting to sell a property, but follow these tips and you'll give yourself the best chance of finding a buyer and completing before Christmas.

Make up for lost light and colour

There are some magnificently light and colourful days in autumn, particularly in the evenings when the sky can appear to burn at sunset. Autumn in Jersey can, however, also be dull and wet - not ideal conditions for property viewing.

So if you want to give yourself the best chance of selling your home during autumn, letting in the light and cranking up the colour can make all the difference.

Washing the windows inside and out can really improve the amount of light that comes into a property, as does washing curtains, especially nets.

It's a good idea to leave the lights on throughout a viewing, regardless of the time of day, but in the evening this will be essential. Also think about changing old light bulbs for new, or at least giving existing ones a clean with a dry cloth.

As well as creating as much light as possible in your home, it's also worth adding colour. Cut flowers are a simple and very effective way to do this, and there's a surprising variety of brightly-coloured blooms available in October. The florists in the Central Market have a great range of flowers and will be able to offer advice as to which are easiest to look after and last longest.

Keep your garden tidy

Of course, plants don't just live in vases and it's important to make sure homes with gardens or other outdoor areas are looking presentable and as colourful as possible.

The greatest challenge that blows in with autumn is the incredible volume of leaves that fall into gardens and yards. Although it can seem a thankless task, making sure the leaves are cleared before viewings is essential. A quick easy way to do this is to simply mow them up with the lawn mower, and it make great compost. Because prospective buyers will pass by at other times, the more you can stay on top of the problem, the better.

If you have autumn flowering plants in your garden such as dahlias or chrysanthemums, they'll create some very welcome colour to greet people to your home. They will need tending if you're going to make the most of them, so make sure you keep up with the dead-heading and keep the whole garden tidy throughout the period of viewings.

Create space

A lack of light has the effect of making spaces seem smaller, so it's crucial that you maximise the available space. It's best to have a clear out before any viewings take place. Given that you plan to move within a few months, the clear out also cuts down on the number of possessions that you'll need to move.

When it comes to viewing days, you should make sure that floors and surfaces are cleared of everyday items, with everything put neatly away. Unnecessary items of furniture should also be moved out (small tables or that favourite and over-used armchair) and, if you have children, then toys and games will need to be kept to their rooms.

Be ready to move

One aspect of autumn sales that differs from earlier in the year is the speed at which prospective buyers want to move.

Christmas is seen as a deadline for most people, which means making the last December sitting in the Royal Court for freehold purchases. Sellers who are in a position to move quickly often have an advantage at this time of year, so getting ahead with the packing can increase the chances of making the sale.

If you're thinking of putting your property on the market, then please contact the team at Le Gallais. We'll be delighted to help you decide on the right time to sell and will also give you the advice you need to make sure your home looks as desirable as possible.

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