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Planning U-turn over increase in "affordable" fees


The decision to quadruple the cost of a planning appeal has been reversed by the Minister just weeks before the issue is to be raised in the States. 

The Minister decided to re-considered the fees and reduced these to the original 2015 levels in order to continue to make them accessible and affordable to the public.

The new system was designed to be cheaper and simpler, and is restricted to people who either live or own property within 50 metres of the development site, or those who have made a written application to Planning in respect of the original application.

From 1 March 2016 the cost of an appeal will be as follows:

- appeal against the refusal to grant or to vary planning permissions

- major development £300

- minor development £100

- appeal against the grant of planning permission (third party appeal) £300

- all other appeals £100

To find out more about this you can read the full article here

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