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Mark Chegwin completes solo round-island swim

Robin Sappe Image By Robin Sappe

If you didn't already know, our Self Storage Manager Mark Chegwin likes a swim. But his idea of a swim isn't just nipping to Havre des Pas for a quick dip between shifts. 

Oh no. When Mark swims, he really swims.

Following his successful solo swim from Jersey to France in 2017, Mark decided to up the stakes and embark on a continuous solo swim around the entire Island!

On the morning of Sunday 7th July, presented with what looked like ideal weather conditions, Mark took the plunge at Elizabeth Castle breakwater to start his epic swim.

Mark Chegwin takes the plunge on his solo round the island swim.

Heading out towards Green Island and up the east coast, Mark started strongly, making the most of the bright sunshine and light winds. 

His route took him anti-clockwise around the island, but by the time he made it to the south coast, weather conditions had really deteriorated, making the swimming extremely tough. The north coast was better than Mark expected and the current was so strong around Corbiere point it swept him around the corner at a frightening pace.

Rough conditions in St Aubin's Bay but the finish line (and Cornish pasty) was in sight.

But Mark soldiered on, head down through the strong south coast chop and coast currents, past the marine traffic in St Aubin's Bay, and into St Helier where an extra large Cornish pasty and ice cold beer were waiting for him.

The sweet taste of success! And beer. 

He'd done it! All 30 bays (and the rest) in under 12 hours!

Mark's official time was 11hrs and 53 minutes. A truly superhuman effort from a super guy! 

From everyone at the Le Gallais Group we'd like to say a huge 'Well done' to Mark on his achievement, and to his support group who were with him through every stroke.  

Mark (humble as ever) would like to thank both clients and colleagues for their outstanding support.

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