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​It's time to prepare for a spring sale

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​It's time to prepare for a spring sale Image

Spring is everyone's favourite time to buy a new property. More sunshine makes every home look better, while the longer evenings give buyers more time to visit and appreciate the property. There's no doubt that spring brings a sense of optimism and expectancy that every home seller should take advantage of.

If you're thinking of selling your home this spring, then take a look at these tips for preparing your property and give yourself the best chance to make the most of the busiest time of the year.

It may still be winter, but start spring cleaning now

There's no doubt that a dirty and untidy house is less likely to sell than one that's spick and span, and to get it truly clean, you should start now. Your eye for cleaning should look beyond the obvious surfaces and target areas that rarely get a dust down. Skirting boards, door handles, the oven and bathrooms in particular are all areas that once cleaned up, really help the home to shine.

Of course, the great thing about preparing your home for a sale is that it pays to get rid of clutter and large pieces of furniture that detract from the space and light in your home. Start with a clear out and your property will be much easier to clean and tidy.

The spring clean is also an opportunity to inspect the lesser-frequented regions of your home. Check the loft and storage cupboards (especially for signs of small furry winter visitors) and look out for areas that need minor repairs or a touch up of paint. You don't want the smell of paint around when people are viewing your home, so do it now to give the odour time to disappear.

Tidy up the exterior

First impressions are everything when it comes to selling a property, and that means you must ensure the exterior of your house looks inviting, even though it has just withstood the rigours of winter.

While this is not the time to plant a new garden, you should ensure that it looks tidy and has the potential to become the oasis that the new owners will want it to be. It’s a good time of year to wrap up and fix or paint the fence or clear pathways and parking areas of moss and debris.

If you live in a shared building, it can be difficult to encourage the other owners to put in their shift or to pay for someone to tidy up the exterior. However, given the benefits that come with a quick sale, it will be worth your while getting out and tidying the outside areas yourself. Your neighbours may even join in!

The same has to be said for communal areas inside the building. If there is no regular cleaner, then make sure the halls, landings and stairwells don't let your property down and are clean, tidy and inviting before they get to your front door.

Let the light in

Most people enjoy light in their homes, but dirty winter windows cut out a great deal of light, as do heavy curtains or dark paint. This is the time to get your windows cleaned inside and out, and to consider the possibility of repainting.

If a repaint is necessary, as we mentioned before, you want to do it now so you have time for the smell to disappear before viewings start.

If your home is darker than most (old granite buildings tend to have small windows), look at other ways to let light in or to bring colour to your home.

Well positioned mirrors help to reflect the available light around the room, while art prints on the wall or flowers placed on tables and sideboards can add colour that otherwise wouldn't be there. However, if you do add cut flowers, make sure you replace them regularly and keep them watered. Wilting plants don't add anything to a house and a few roadside daffs are a cheap way to make a room smile!

Remember to check light bulbs. Any which are dead should be replaced, and if your existing bulbs emit an orangey, warmer colour, it could be worthwhile replacing them with bulbs that will give a whiter, fresher light.

Choose a great estate agent

A good estate agent will do more than just put your property on the market, they'll actively advise you on the best way to present your home. Just ask anyone on the team at Le Gallais for more information about how to make sure your home is ready for sale, we'll be delighted to help you get it right first time.

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