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​Introducing the three Ps of packing

Mark Chegwin Image By Mark Chegwin
​Introducing the three Ps of packing Image

Prepare for packing

Prepare for your packing properly and you'll avoid having to run around at the last minute trying to gather packing materials, working out what to keep and driving to the dump with the things you're leaving behind. 

Before you get hold of any boxes, the first thing you should do is to work systematically through your home deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. One of the benefits of packing is taking the opportunity to reduce the amount of clutter in your life.

Rather than just dumping unwanted items, you can make sure many of them remain useful by giving them away, or taking them to Acorn or a charity shop for resale. In an ideal world, you'll only dump the real rubbish, leaving the rest for others to enjoy.

Packing materials

Once you're satisfied that all that's left are the items you plan to take with you, then you should get hold of packing materials.

Boxes of different sizes should be top of your list. Supermarkets are the first port of call for many people wanting boxes, but you may not find the range of sizes you need and the quality is definitely variable. To make sure your belongings are well protected, you should buy proper storage boxes designed to hold heavier items. Le Gallais Self Storage in Hilgrove St has all the boxes you'll need for the move.

You'll also find we have moving packs that contain everything else you'll need for packing, including bubble wrap, tape, pens, protective covers and packing paper.

Pack thoughtfully

A successful, 'stress-free as can be' move is one that's been thought through in advance.

You should work out the order that you'll pack up the rooms, always packing up just one room at a time to avoid the process descending into a mêlée. Start with the rooms that are least-used and work you way through to the living areas, leaving just the largest items such as tables, chairs and beds for the removals team on moving day.

One great tip is to colour code your boxes using a different colour for each room. This makes it really easy to sort them when you unpack and is a great task for young children, who may not be quite so useful at lifting and shifting!

Of course, you'll still need to eat and wash during the last days of packing and the first days in your new home, so make up a box of essentials that's clearly labelled and which goes into the van last, so it can be taken out first when you arrive.

Pile carefully

Stacking boxes may not sound like the most taxing of tasks, but do it wrong and you can find yourself left with broken crockery and a TV remote hidden at the bottom of the most difficult box to reach.

As well as colour-coding your boxes by room, you should list the items on the side of each box. When it comes to stacking the boxes on top of each other, the side with the list should face out. This simple method saves you searching through boxes for individual items and so saves both time and energy.

Heavier, larger boxes should be on the bottom of the pile with lighter, smaller boxes at the top. You should also ensure that the items you'll need first are in the easier to access boxes. This sounds like common sense, but when you're in amongst all the packing, it's amazing how easy it is just to start piling boxes on top of each other without thinking about the weight.

Follow the three Ps!

Follow the three Ps of packing and you'll find moving becomes a lot easier!

If you'd like advice on packing, please get in touch with the team at Le Gallais Self Storage. We'll be delighted to help you.


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