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How to declutter the eco-friendly way

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As estate agents, when people say they need more space, we're naturally tempted to say "buy a bigger house". Upsizing is arguably the most effective space creating strategy. But if you've no plans to move and just want to reclaim the space that's been stolen by your stuff, you need to declutter.

Decluttering may seem easier than moving house ... but not always! Decluttering can be daunting. It's tempting to simply gather up all your unwanted stuff, take it to the dump and be done with it. But while this may be swift and effective, it's not very eco-friendly. We all know the environmental benefits of of re-use and recycling, and simply chucking all those old clothes, toys, kitchen gadgets, TVs and more is likely to be bad for the planet, and make most of us feel guilty.

So let's take a look at some ways you can declutter your home without harming the planet.

Take the best bits to a charity shop

Charity shops are a declutterer's best friend. Not only can you free up space fast, but your unwanted things can earn money for a good cause and provide a cost-effective treat for someone else.

But before you dump all your junk at the door of your nearest charity shop, you should make sure the items are in good condition.

Clothes should be clean and without holes. Board games should be complete with all the pieces. CDs & DVDs should be scratch-free and in their cases. Items in a poor condition that don't sell can ultimately end up as waste.

Post unwanted items on e-cycle forums

Items that don't warrant a trip to the charity shop will often be snapped up by people on the Jersey E-cycle Facebook page, or similar free recycling forums. The condition of the items is less important on E-cycle, and you'll be surprised what people can fix up or repurpose.

Acorn Reuse Centre

If you do find yourself at La Collette with a car full of clutter, make sure you consider a stop at Acorn Reuse Centre. They reuse, upcycle & repair unwanted items, and every penny they make is reinvested to train and support local people with disabilities or long term health conditions, helping them to find and retain employment. Your clutter could well be someone else's opportunity.

Use self storage to bide you some time

In the pursuit of space, people tend to chuck out items with sentimental value that they later regret. If you're really struggling to throw away those old school text books, or want to hang on to photos to show your kids when they're older, a small self-storage unit can be a cost-effective solution.

With your stuff stashed in a self storage unit, you'll be able to chip away at selling it or giving it away, whilst enjoying the new-found space in your home.

You'll want to make sure the self storage unit you choose has 24 hour security to keep your stuff safe and that the building is dry and dust-free. Our purpose-built, town-based self storage facility has all this and more. You can learn more about our facility here.

Repurpose and upcycle

This can take a little bit of creativity, but every item can be modified to have another use. Repurposing and upcycling has become something of a craze, and websites like Pinterest and YouTube are full of ideas and tutorials to give your unused stuff new lease of life. 

Fall in love with your home again

Decluttering is a process that can help you fall in love with your home again. It's also a very important step should you ever want to sell your home or downsize.

Head here for more top tips on how to sell your home, or read our recent article for advise on downsizing. 

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