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In part one of our Guide to Successful House Hunting we encouraged you to play the detective, use technology, make friends with your estate agent and ask plenty of questions. Here in part two, we have more good ideas for getting the most out of your house hunting!

Get to know the sellers

Often buyers don’t even meet the people they buy a house from. This is a huge missed opportunity!

If you can get a feel from the sellers about how motivated to sell they are, you’ll get a better idea of whether this is the deal for you.

Ask them if they get on with the neighbours, watching out for knowing glances or negative body language. If you mention you’ll be speaking to the neighbours anyway, you’ll probably get the truth. And remember to ask the Killer Final Question:

“Is there anything else that I should know about the property? I’d hate to get a surprise and have to pull out later, it would be a hassle for everyone.”

That’s their chance to tell you about to occasional flooding at high tide.

Creative thinking

Be a visionary. Imagine the potential of a property beyond its current configuration. Internal walls can be moved, spaces opened up.

Look beyond the current decor. That wallpaper might grow on you. No? Well still, it may be easy to change.

Ask direct questions

If you want answers, ask the estate agent direct questions.

Are other buyers interested?

Have offers been rejected?

Have deals fallen through, and why?

Get formal

If you decide to make an offer, do it in writing. This formalises your arrangement. If your bid is accepted, ask the estate agent and vendors to take the property off the market and ensure it has been - in their window, and on their website and Facebook page: you don’t want a late offer from another buyer to complicate things.

Trust your instincts

To make the right decisions, you’ve got to be brave and go with your gut feeling.

Kirsty Allsop from Location, Location, Location sums it up well: “You can be equipped with all the facts, floor plans and flow charts, but in my experience, the clinching factor in any property purchase is human instinct”.

Get gloomy

That little cottage might look perfect on a sunny day, but it won’t look so good under a foot of water after a high tide. Think carefully about the worst-case scenarios, and realistically assess the potential risks and costs. Problems aren’t insurmountable if you’re well-informed and prepared.

Stay up to date

Use our website and Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest property availability. But remember to pop in and see us too! After all, finding your perfect property is all about dealing with people - not just clicks, bricks and mortar.

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