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In this month’s Get the Look we take a peek at sleek and stylish kitchen appliances that look great and make life easier.

One of the most desirable appliances to have in any kitchen is a built in oven.

Specially integrated with your kitchen cabinetry to incorporate a seamless design, built in ovens also maximise counter-top space. Those with a slide & hide door are great space-savers, as well as safer and easier to use. It also means no more bending over to baste your roast. Hallelujah!

Try: Bosch HBM53R550B Electric Built In Double Oven, Brushed Steel, from Powerhouse for just £899.99

A must-have, high-tech gadget for the kitchen is a child-proof boiling water tap.

Having boiling water literally ‘on tap’ makes life easier and also saves on energy costs. The boiling water tap is becoming so popular it may just make the humble kettle redundant!

Visit: Beaumont Home Centres showroom to view their range of taps.


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