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Get the Look: Storage Solutions


One of the best ways to organise your home during spring cleaning season is by using clever storage solutions. 

Storage solutions come in all shapes and sizes, and not only help get your home in to shape, but look great too.

Why not try this Merchant three drawer, three basket unit, available from Mypad for £169. Ideal for storing Kids' toys and tidying away household items that clutter up the surfaces. 

Whilst spring cleaning you may stumble across a few forgotten gems that are worth displaying. Rather then add them to a full shelf, why not make sure you show them off to their full potential. 

Shelving units of varying heights that leave enough space between each level give the eye something new to discover each time. They also ensure displays don't look over crowded and give each item their own space to stand out and shine! 

if you are looking for a display cabinet like the one in our show home condition property in St Mary, pictured above, Mypad have a great selection. 

Try: Conran Balance tall shelving from £575. 

So whether you are reorganising your home for summer, decluttering that spare room, or emptying rooms to make them light and airy and an enjoyable place to entertain friends, these storage solutions will help keep your home tidy and organised. 

If a larger storage unit is what you need whilst you declutter or renovate the house this summer, why not check out Le Gallais Storage. We have storage solutions to suit every budget! 


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