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Finding your perfect investment property


Are you looking for your first investment property to start or add to your portfolio? Le Gallais offers 3 top-tips on purchasing the perfect nest-egg property for the rental market!

Take your time

An investment property will be a long-term project so make sure you find a property right property for you. Thorough planning and assistance from your estate agent will help to make sure your first housing investment is the perfect nest egg.

Assess the condition of the property

A primary consideration should be the condition and future maintenance of your investment property as this is likely to affect your profits. Ask your estate agent about key problem areas such as roofing, electrical issues, fire regulation certificates, heating systems and plumbing.

If any aspects of the property are not in good working condition, are antiquated or due for replacement, factor those costs into the purchase price.

Consider your return on investment

How many tenants can your property comfortably house? What are the demographics of your ideal tenants? Will a reasonable rental price cover the cost of mortgage payments, insurance fees, rates and maintenance?

These are all considerations that must me planned and documented to make sure you get the most out of your investment property! 

Take a look at some of our latest Jersey investment properties:

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