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Explaining residential status in Jersey


Whether you already live on the island or are looking to move to Jersey, it’s important to know what your residential status is.

A residential status is given to everyone who lives in Jersey and determines what kind of properties to can buy or let, and whether you are permitted to buy property on the island. Islanders will fall into one of the four categories listed below:  


To fall into this category you must have lived in Jersey for 10 years or more. If you meet this criteria you have the right to buy, sell or lease any property you choose. ​

Please note, if you were born in Jersey you must have lived on the island for a combined period of 10 years to have entitled status. However, if you were not born on the island you must have lived on the island for a consecutive period of 10 years.


Licenced workers are non-locals who are deemed to be 'essentially employed' by Jersey’s Housing department in roles such as a doctor or nurse. Those falling into this category can buy, sell or lease any property on the island unless the property is reserved for social housing or first time buyers

Entitled to work​

To be categorised as ‘Entitled to Work’ you must have lived in Jersey for five consecutive years or be married to someone who is registered as 'entitled', 'licensed', or 'entitled to work​'. Falling into this category means that you can purchase a Jersey property with an 'entitled' spouse or civil partner.


If you do not fit into any of the criteria listed above you will not be able to buy property in Jersey and will only be able to rent a 'registered' property as a place of residence.


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