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Planning Approval?


Deputy Steve Luce has announced that he is taking the case to the Court of Appeal because a previous court ruling barring development on the site threatens the Island’s Planning strategy.

Politicians have backed plans to concentrate development in built-up areas, not the countryside. And Deputy Luce says that principle – and the need for homes for Islanders - is more important than the objections of an individual home owner.

Deputy Luce said: “The decision to challenge the Royal Court is not one I’ve taken lightly; I understand and respect the owner’s concerns and also acknowledge the importance of our heritage assets, but in this case, the consequences of the Court’s decision could have an impact on planning strategy for Jersey as whole. “If the decision stands, one of the key principles of the plan – to protect the countryside by concentrating residential development in built-up areas – is under threat. And it could also affect what we hope to do in St Helier in the coming years.

“This principle of protecting the Green Zone wasn’t arrived at quickly or easily – it was debated and approved by States Members, and was the subject of an exhaustive consultation and public inquiry. After much thought, I feel an obligation to put the needs of the public ahead of that of an individual home owner.”

Deputy Luce said that the principles of the Island Plan were adopted after a long consultation and an independent public inquiry – he says it’s not right to throw all of that out and stop new homes being built because one neighbour objects.

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