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Buying and Letting in Jersey – Why do I need a registration card?


If you’re looking to buy or rent property in Jersey, getting a Registration Card is the best place to start - here we explain why!

Issued by the States of Jersey, Registration Cards display the name, social security number and residential and employment status of the holder.

Although these cards don't require a photo and are not issued as a form of identification, they are an essential part of renting or buying property in Jersey whether you are new to the island or a current inhabitant:

Relocating to Jersey

If you are moving to Jersey you will need a Registration Card in order to buy or rent a property. The card is essential as it confirms your residential status on the island and informs estate agents and landlords which type of properties you are permitted to buy or rent.

Residential status in Jersey falls into a number of categories highly dependent on the number of years you have lived on the island. Find out more about Jersey’s residential status rules here.

Moving home in Jersey

People who currently live in Jersey but wish to buy or rent a new property will need to be in possession of a Registration Card before a contract can be signed. Again this must be presented to the estate agents, landlord or lawyer involved in the move alongside recognised photographic identification.

Unsure? Ask Le Gallais

With more than 200 years as a Jersey Estate Agents Le Gallais have all the experience required to advise your registration status and the properties this allows you to rent or buy.

For more information call our offices in St Helier on 01534 766689 or pop in to see us!

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