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A Guide For First Time Seller's


So you want to sell your home? To help make this a smooth process, we share our top tips for preparing your home for viewings. 

1. Presentation Matters 

Buyers are coming to look around your property, and they want to see your home at its very best. Don't force them to imagine how good it could be to live in your house - show them! If it's a cold day light the fire, if it's a sunny day open the blinds and let light flood through the house. Put flowers in vases to brighten rooms and, open doors to make your home feel spacious and light. 

It is important to identify the strengths of your property and go all out to show them. 

2. Drive by Appeal

Many potential buyers will drive past your property before they decide to view it. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the outside of your property is looking its best. Tidy up outside, trim the hedges and remove those weeds. Ensure bins are either out of sight or lined up neatly. Consider giving the front door and the window panes a fresh lick of paint. If it's the right season why not put some plants out - it will all help to make a positive impression on potential buyers. You might even want to make sure your car is clean - every little detail can help. 

3. Living Areas

You need to declutter. Clutter makes a room feel smaller, and the presence of all your possessions will make it harder for other people to imagine themselves living in your home. Let the natural daylight flood the house by opening the blinds and pulling back the curtains. Keep the house warm in the winter, but, whatever the season, be sure to throw open your windows prior to a viewing and let fresh air in. During viewings make sure you turn off any TV's and music that might be distracting. 

If you don't want to get rid of your items but need to declutter, why not get in touch with Le Gallais self storage and store some of your items with us until you move. 

4. Space and Order 

Potential buyers will want to see every room - and yes, that will include looking in the boiler cupboard, loft and garage, so make sure these are tidy and clean too! Don't let the kids' bedrooms look like war zones: spend some time sorting them out so they look like bedrooms again. Toys should be boxed and shoes and clothes put away.

5. Bathrooms and Toilets

Clear away the mountain of toiletries and bath toys that may accumulate in the bathroom. Your personal grooming habits aren't going to help sell your house! Put out clean, dry, folded towels. Make sure your bath and shower fixtures are spotlessly clean, and that mirrors are gleaming. Think of that nice feeling that you get when you walk in to a hotel bathroom, and try to recreate it! Open windows if necessary to clear away any excess moisture. 

6. Kitchen 

Clear away ALL clutter from the surfaces and make sure that worktops, fitted appliances and other fixtures are spotlessly clean. Pet bowls should be stashed in cupboards, and remember to let a spot of fresh air into clean and lingering cooking smells. Freshly brewed coffee or baked bread are the most appealing aromas in a kitchen - a cliche we know, but it is true! And if you're brewing fresh coffee, why not offer a cup to people viewing the house? Unexpected little details like this are memorable and make a really good impression. 

7. Garden 

For many people, a garden is the biggest selling point. Tidy away any rubbish, pressure wash the patio or decking, cut the grass and clear away any weeds. A seasonal fertiliser can be used to thicken up and add colour to your grass. Lastly, be sure to cut back any boisterous bushes, especially in a small garden. 

8. You love your pets but...

your potential buyers may not. Ask a friend to look after them during viewings so they don't distract - or worse, scare - potential buyers. Try to minimise any moggy or doggy smells by vacuuming and using a subtle air freshener - plugin or reed diffusers are effective. Because you are used to Fido, you may not be able to tell, so ask a friend who doesn't own pets if you have done a good job! 

If you want to sell your home, come and talk to Le Gallais. We have been selling for nearly 200 years, so we know a thing or two! 

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