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Greater stability means greater affordability


While homeowners want to see prices rise, it’s important that the process is gra...

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Moving home? Here's our guide to unpacking the hidden costs of renting


When you're looking to rent your first home, the only way to know you can afford...

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Designed to Flex


The ability to create flexible spaces is not only fashionable but also a common ...

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It’s time to make your home salesroom ready


Every home needs work to make it as attractive to prospective buyers as possible...

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At the Heart of the Community


Throughout 2016 we have donated to a number worthy organisations and sponsored a...

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Housing Market Review


Jersey's housing market has been busier in the last three months than it's been ...

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Get the Look: Going Grey


The contemporary interior trend for grey is set to stay. The variety of availabl...

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How to add value to your property


A property purchase is one of the best investments you can make, so it makes sen...

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Creating a practical and beautiful kitchen


This month the bake off returned to our tv screens! Whisking us back into a worl...

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Get the Look: Outdoor Living


Comfortable chairs, properly sized tables and a smoking hot bbq: These are the t...

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In the Spotlight: Jersey Cod House


Welcome to a traditional Jersey Cod House in a tranquil valley setting. This 19t...

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A Guide For First Time Seller's


So you want to sell your home? To help make this a smooth process, we share our ...

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