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Jersey is blessed with an incredible number of voluntary and charity organisations that work hard to help the less fortunate in our society. As well as supporting particular events and initiatives, Le Gallais has donated to a number of very worthy organisations and appeals.

Over the past year we helped to support:

We are grateful to all of the organisations for accepting our support, and look forward to working with a wide range of organisations throughout the coming year.

Jersey Cheshire Homes: Big Build

In October 2018, Jersey Cheshire Homes announced the completion of a £2 million Big Build project to extend and refurbish their facilities for residents, staff and regular monthly users of the home’s amenities.

Le Gallais supported the project with a donation towards providing a dedicated treatment room. Here are a few words from David Lord, General Manager at Jersey Cheshire Homes on how the project has benefited the homes' community:

"The Big Build project has already proved its worth for the home’s residents, creating improved and new bedrooms, more space but most importantly additional facilities which include an additional lift, meeting/activities room and a very special additional facility of a Treatment/Therapy Room.

The Treatment/Therapy room is a particularly welcome addition as it has created a private space for residents and day visitors to receive a range of alternative therapies and treatments to enhance their lives, examples are Chiropody, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Massage all which improve and enhance the quality of care we offer at the Jersey Cheshire Home.

Everybody at Eric Young House is incredibly grateful to Le Gallais for their generous support in sponsoring the creation of this wonderful additional facility."

Jersey Christmas Appeal

Each year, the Jersey Christmas Appeal helps to support disadvantaged families and individuals in Jersey enjoy the sort of Christmas most take for granted.

The charity provides food, heating and young persons gift vouchers alongside gifting hampers to hundreds of families - at a time of year when both bills and expenditure tend to go up.

Le Gallais contributes to this local cause to help make Christmas a little easier for those in need.

Find out more about how the appeal supports the local community in their video:

Jersey Women's Refuge

Providing 24-hour, confidential service, the Women’s Refuge is the only independent domestic violence charity in Jersey offering support to women and children suffering from abuse.

The charity employs five residential support workers and two outreach support workers who are trained and experienced in providing practical and emotional support. This year, Le Gallais donated to the charity as a contribution towards their annual running costs.

Here are a few words from Claire, a Refuge Support Worker and Domestic Abuse Prevention Advocate at the charity:

“Each year the charity needs to raise funds in the region of £190,000 every year to meet their essential running costs and in recent economic times this has proved to be more and more challenging. Every donation is always very gratefully received and we would like to say thank you to Le Gallais for selecting our charity to receive this wonderful donation and for the ongoing, valuable support.”

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