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Summertime Selling

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Summer is finally here - more or less! The housing market in Jersey has been very active this spring, with many of our vendors achieving fantastic sale prices, so this summer will be a great opportunity to sell whilst there are movers and shakers about. 

Summer is the best time to show off your property's interior and exterior features. Following our top tips, below, will increase your chances of achieving that sought-after summer sale.

The perfect time to paint

If your property’s exterior is looking a little tired, summer is the perfect time to paint. Remember that during summer potential buyers can give your property’s exterior a thorough inspection. The investment in a lick of paint can easily be recovered if the property achieves a good sale price.

Clean the windows

During summer, potential buyers want to experience a light and airy property. Cleaning the windows inside and out lets all that glorious summer sunshine pour in.

Give the garden some love

When the hot weather does arrive it will turn even the most luscious green lawns a shade of tired brown. During dry spells, make sure to turn on the hose or sprinkler and give your lawn a good drink a few days before viewings take place. Strategically placed garden furniture can help to hide any spots that just won’t go green. Prune unruly plants and, if you have time, planting some seasonal flowers adds much needed colour.

Talk to your neighbours

Summertime is also party time! Although buyers want the property to be in a friendly neighbourhood, the noise of a party may put some people off. Find out if your neighbours have any party plans and schedule your viewings accordingly.

Prepare for viewings during your holidays

Having viewings when you're away on holiday has advantages: it's less disruptive for you, and makes it easier for viewers to imagine the house is theirs.

The first step is to choose an estate agent who’s experienced at selling unoccupied properties. At Le Gallais, we’re well versed in the security aspects of viewings whilst you’re away, and we always respect the requests of our vendors.

Secondly, ensure the property looks occupied. Leave a car in the driveway, keep the curtains open and remind your estate agent to remove post from the doorstep and replace any dead flowers before the viewings commence.

Take the pets for walkies

Your pets are cute, but not everyone loves them like you do! It’s best to remove pets from the property for viewings, and also hide their toys and food bowls. The smell from a food bowl, especially when the weather gets warmer, can create a bad impression.

Sell this summer

Take advantage of the longer evenings and glorious sunshine to show off your property in all its glory. Even if you’re going away, with Le Gallais by your side you can relax knowing your property is in expert hands.

Free valuations

We’re currently taking new instructions and can’t wait to help sell your property this summer. For a free valuation call 01534 766689 or email and we’ll be happy to help.

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