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Seven top tips to make your home appeal to potential buyers


The Jersey property market is picking up pace with ever increasing choice, so here we have seven top tips to make sure your home stands out from the crowd! 

Make sure the price is right

Your home has to be listed at the right price to guarantee the best reception from the buying public. A professional evaluation of your home will ensure you go to market at the right price and won’t be flattered by sky high figures. Remember to always get three valuations.

Be flexible with viewing times

Make it as easy as possible for your estate agent to showcase your home by being as flexible as possible with regard to viewing times. The more potential buyers who see your home, the better the chance of selling it!

Clean Up

Make sure your home is as clean and tidy as possible, letting potential buyers know their prospective investment has been well loved and well looked after.  

Freshen Up

Every aspect of your home should look at its best. That means buffing the floors, fixing that shelf, re-painting the hallway and finishing all those other little DIY jobs that slipped through the net!

Go Neutral

Make your home a blank canvas for potential buyers. Give your walls a neutral make-over by painting over bold or exotic colour schemes with plain, bright colours such as white, cream or pale grey for a contemporary look.

Hide away your clutter

Keep your bits and bobs, family pictures and keepsakes under-wraps until you move to your new home. De-personalising the house is a great way to help prospective buyers see your property as a potential home of their own. 

Leave some bonus items

Whether it’s an antique fireplace, a rustic Welsh Dresser or a hot tub in the garden – leaving a valuable item in the house as part of the sale may just seal the deal!

Think outside the box

First impressions go a long way so make sure the front of your house is in great condition. Re-paint exterior walls and woodwork, mow the lawn and trim the bushes to make sure it passes the “Drive By” viewing test.

For professional assistance in selling your home, including valuations and advice on how to prepare your property for the Jersey housing market, call Le Gallais Estate Agents on 01534 766689.

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