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​Making your home work for you

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​Making your home work for you Image

When you look for a new home, your family's day-to-day needs are the priority. As you search the market, you'll assess each potential property against a number of criteria, including practical matters such as the number of rooms and its proximity to work and schools. But more than anything, you'll want to be able to imagine yourself living there.

If the price fits

Once you find a property that ticks most, if not all, of the boxes, you'll likely focus on finances: can you afford to buy and maintain this property of your dreams? If the price fits, then there's every chance that you'll go ahead and make an offer. If it doesn't quite meet your budget, then you are likely to move on and look elsewhere. But in this situation, there is a second course of action: investigating whether you can make the property work for you.

A question of income

Rather than looking at a property only as a cost, it could pay dividends to also consider it as an income generator. In many cases, particularly with houses of three bedrooms or more, you could find that there's the potential for the property to pay some of its way.

Such homes, like this one in St Helier, have the potential to generate an income because they include a clearly defined bedsit, or self-contained apartment. Knowing that you could let the space can help you when applying for a mortgage that was previously just out of reach, or perhaps just provide the comfort of knowing that you can generate extra income should you encounter tougher times in the future.


Even if the property your heart is set on isn't advertised as being 'income-generating', you may find that it could be adapted or, if it has a room more than you planned for, it could be used to take on a lodger - or even advertised for short stays on a platform like Airbnb.

Do your research

If you decide that an income-generating home could be suitable for you, it's crucial that you do your research first. As well as monitoring the rental market to estimate the potential income, you should check whether there are any conditions within the deeds, or any planning restrictions, that prevent the house being used in this way.

Also check with the Population Office on which residentially qualified individuals you may let to, and on what terms. You should speak to your home insurer too, to ensure that they are happy with you letting out part of your home and to discover how it may affect your cover or premium.


Naturally, affordability is the main reason that people choose to rent out a portion of their property, and the projected income is often used in assessing a mortgage application. However, you should be aware that lenders are unlikely to use the full value of the projected income, and may even reduce it by half when they assess the affordability of your mortgage.

Speak to us!

Buying a home with an income can be an effective way of helping you secure your dream home. At Le Gallais, we usually have a number of income-generating properties on our books, and can help you find the one that works perfectly for you.

Call us on 01534 76 66 89 or visit us in our shop in Bath St.

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