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Make the most of Summer

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Understandably, when the sun is shining and the weekend comes, most of us want to head out to enjoy the fine weather but if you're thinking of selling your home in the next year or so, then the summer is also the best time to do those jobs that will get your home into sale-ready condition.

Get onto the roof

How often do you check your roof? For most of us, the answer is "not often", even though it's one of the most important and weather-beaten parts of a house. In summer, it makes sense to use the fine weather as an opportunity to inspect your roof where possible and ideally from the ground or windows. Of course, if you want to inspect your roof yourself, you must take the greatest care if working at height, and we would always suggest using a professional who not only knows what defects to look for but also how to use ladders and move on a roof safely. Our Property Managers find Neil Livesey (Roofing Contractor​) is great for this.

Among the things to look for are excessive plant growth (most likely moss), slipped, cracked or missing roof tiles. Also, ensure that branches from nearby trees aren't brushing against the roof.

Whilst your up there check all gutters are clear of debris to avoid them being overwhelmed by a sudden downpour, there are several specialist contractors that can do this for you safely and efficiently for not too much cost. We use Sonnic Cleaning on our own buildings.


A new coat of paint will give a tired looking house a new lease of life and instant “curb appeal”. First impressions matter and if you want to achieve the best possible price for your property, one of the easiest things to do make a difference is to make sure it looks great from the outside.

Inspect your windows

Homebuyers will look closely at the windows when deciding whether to buy a house or make an offer. If they see broken seals or double-glazing with condensation caught between the panes, then they're going to factor that into their decision making. We often use L and B Windows for minor repairs and servicing to all types of windows. Call Les from L and B on 07797720212 for sensible advice​.

If you find that you're going to have to replace some or all of the windows, then you'll want to do it in the summer, it really isn't an exercise to be left for the cold and wet of winter!

Check the insulation

A well insulated home is a more attractive home for buyers because it promises lower heating bills and is a more pleasant home to live in. If you leave it until the last minute or during the colder months, you risk paying higher prices, or you may even find that there's a shortage of insulation available.

The attic is the easiest and most important space to insulate well, so it's worth taking a few minutes to head up the loft ladder to find out whether additional insulation could make a big difference to your home. Go on-line to choose a roofing contractor that could help with insulating your home to suit your budget.

Get into the garden

One way to satisfy your desire to be outside on warm summer days is to head for the garden. Just like tired paintwork, a neglected and tatty garden won't make a good impression on prospective buyers, so you should take advantage of the good weather to tidy up.

If you're not a motivated gardener, then this could be the time to turn your garden into a low maintenance version that will look great in a few months when you're trying to sell, even if you don't do any more work on it. If your lawn is not too big and looking a little parched and more like the African savannah than a green oasis, check out John Deans from Easigrass for a zero maintenance option that will look almost like the real thing but without the work, and an instant fix!

Ask Le Gallais

We hope the above advice and recommendations are useful for you, if you're thinking of selling your property, then don't hesitate to ask the team at Le Gallais for a free valuation. We'll also be pleased to give you our expert opinion on the things you can do in the coming months to ensure your home is able to attract the best possible offers.

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