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Jersey Country Cottages

What have we got here?

Small but perfectly proportioned, this is a quaint granite hideaway with a pretty garden

Sounds delightful. Tell me more.

Tucked away down a green lane, the Country Cottage is a shy and retiring type. Built from characterful local granite, its small windows peep out at flower borders and a little veg patch. A spaniel capers around the garden. And perhaps a chicken or two. Surrounded by trees, the Country Cottage is a safe haven, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Curled up with the dog and a good book in front of the fire, life couldn’t be better.

Where can I find one?

Down that lane around the corner from the farm next to the house behind the church at the top of the hill. Did we mention it was tucked away?

The best bits?

Olde Worlde character. An exposed beam or two. An open fire. Cool in summer, cosy in winter.

In short...

Short on space, big on character

Here at Le Gallais we can help you find your own cosy cottage. 

TO BUY: Delightful Granite Cottage, St Martin

TO LET: Rural Cottage, St John 


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