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Five Décor Disasters that can Devalue a Home

Robin Sappé Image By Robin Sappé
Five Décor Disasters that can Devalue a Home Image

When it comes to selling a property it pays to makes sure it's salesroom ready, but sometimes cleaning and polishing aren't enough. If you want to get the full value of your property, particularly if it's an older home or it's been some time since you did it up, then you may have to rethink some of the less fashionable design features that still lurk within.

After seeing a recent survey for that listed the top ten design features which put people off buying, we thought it worthwhile letting you in on those décor disasters that strike fear into potential purchasers when they view a property.

1. Avocado bathroom suites

If people in 2017 wanted to live as though it were 1983, then we'd still all be playing on our Atari consoles and wearing ra-ra skirts that match our fluorescent terry towelling socks.

Avocado bathroom suites are an interior design time machine that immediately whisks prospective buyers back to the 1980s or even 1970’s, making them feel as though they've just gorged themselves on a cheese and pineapple hedgehog!

The ultimate design feature in an avocado bathroom is the matching bidet with gold taps. If you're property has one, then it's definitely time to think about replacing the entire suite before putting your property on the market if you have the budget.

Remember, there's no need to spend thousands: a plain bathroom with modern features needn't cost the earth and it could definitely speed up your sale - and even add value to your home.

2. Woodchip wallpaper & cork walls or flooring

You may not personally agree, but the reality is that there's no bucking the market when it comes to design. If you want to sell at the best price and in the shortest time, then you should think hard about replacing any woodchip wallpaper and cork tiling that bedecks your home.

Once seen as immensely practical and lending a bit of design 'je ne sais quoi', these 1980s thoroughbreds are definitely out of fashion. If you've got cork on the floors (or even creeping up the walls) a forgotten hallway with painted woodchip walls, then it'll definitely be worth investing in some 21st century décor.

Specific football team wallpaper is also very hit and miss, and can often lead to an own goal!

3. Artex ceilings

Heavy plaster bobbles and ridges are not en vogue in 2017. There may once have been an era when people marvelled at the skill of the tradesman who created swirls that hung like psychedelic stalactites from your living room ceiling, but today's discerning buyer is much happier with a simple, smooth finish.

Our advice is that you grasp the nettle and revert to a smooth, white ceiling before you put your property on the market.

4. Heavily patterned carpets

Old hotels in remote resorts are the only place you should see heavily patterned carpets in this day and age!

Prospective buyers want to be able to imagine their future lives taking place in your property, and they can't do that if they have to walk on garish, in-your-face patterns and colours that were a feature of carpets in the 1970s and 80s. Telling them it has "worn really well over the past 25 years" will not make them love it anymore.

If buyers will need sunglasses to protect their eyes on entering your home, then it'll be worth taking a trip to your local carpet retailer and replacing the paisley nightmare with a plain colour. You may not like it, but buyers certainly.

5. Built-in over-bed wardrobes

There's a certain practicality to the extra storage space that comes with built-in, over-bed wardrobes, but it's not a practicality that today's buyers consider attractive.

Most people prefer to see a simply furnished bedroom that has space and light rather than one with a vast wardrobe that eats space and looms over them at night.

Make a positive impact

Of course, some buyers are looking for a project that they can work on over the years, but most prospective purchasers want to see a home they can like today and which they'll love tomorrow.

An honest appraisal & advice

There's no doubt that it pays to remove the old-fashioned features before putting your home on the market. If you're in any doubt about what should stay and what should go, simply call us on 01534 76 66 89 and ask our sales team for advice. We'll always give you a free and honest appraisal of your home and will be delighted to suggest changes that will improve its value and selling prospects. 

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