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Le Gallais has been a part of Jersey’s community for nearly two hundred years, something we are incredibly proud of. We also understand that our history brings with it a tremendous responsibility: that we must always work to help the island and its people flourish.

For all businesses, there is a tendency to focus on day-to-day operations at the expense of pausing for a moment to think about the people and environment around us. At Le Gallais we try hard to strike a healthy balance by supporting a range of organisations and events every year.

Throughout 2016 we have donated to a number worthy organisations and sponsored a variety of important events in the island’s calendar.

History and Heritage

Le Gallais is itself a part of Jersey’s heritage, and every day we are asked to sell historic homes that showcase the best of the island’s past. These very tangible links to Jersey’s history make it natural for us to support organisations and events that help to encourage today’s islanders to learn more about their past.

The history and heritage projects that we have supported in 2016, are:

  • Jersey Heritage’s “What’s Your Street’s Story” initiative.
  • The National Trust for Jersey’s “Love Plémont” campaign.


Communities thrive because the people within them work together to help each other build a better future. At Le Gallais we strongly believe in helping islanders who need support, and this year we chose to support two important community projects:

  • Meals for Memories (in association with the Jersey Alzheimer’s Association).
  • The Grace Crocker Family Support Foundation (helping families with children in UK hospitals).

Culture & Sport

Culture shapes every community. This year Le Gallais has chosen to support a couple of organisations and events that bring people together.

Our cultural and sporting commitments in 2016 have included:

  • The Jersey Festival of Words
  • Farmers Cricket Club

Charitable Organisations

Jersey is blessed with an incredible number of voluntary and charity organisations that work hard to help the less fortunate in our society. As well as supporting particular events and initiatives, Le Gallais has donated to a number of very worthy organisations and appeals.

In 2016, we helped to support:

  • RNLI
  • Royal British Legion
  • Jersey Christmas Appeal

We are grateful to all of the organisations for accepting our support, and look forward to working with a wide range of organisations throughout 2017.

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