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Le Gallais are one of the largest property management and lettings agents in Jersey and cater for every requirement from one bedroom apartments through to extensive country and coastal properties.

We appreciate that choosing the right home for you is of primary importance but so is choosing a management agency that will deliver a professional and efficient service. We believe it is our role to make sure things run smoothly and allow you to spend more time enjoying the property and your lifestyle.

In choosing to rent a property managed by Le Gallais you will benefit from:

  • Years of experience in managing and letting property in Jersey
  • Honest and straightforward advice
  • Maintenance and property repairs will be carried out in an efficient manner by specially selected contractors
  • We will guide you through all of the necessary property and statutory requirements to renting property in Jersey
  • We will ensure your deposit is transferred to the MY/Deposit Jersey scheme for safeguarding (see below) 
  • You can rest assured that your funds are looked after in the right way

Renting a Property

If you have seen a property that you would like to view, then you will need to contact us so that we can discuss specific information about the property with you. On the majority of occasions we will ask you to complete a brief tenant information form which will allow us to gain more information about yourself and enable us to match your requirements to one or more of our available properties. We aim to provide information in as straight forward a manner as possible and we will explain the process and requirements of renting property as clearly as possible.

We will also indicate any charges that are or will become applicable during the tenancy. Once you have identified a property you wish to rent, we will guide you through a number of steps required to process your application.

Once you have agreed to rent the property through Le Gallais, we require a one off Tenant Application Fee of £100 + GST to contribute to the cost of the administration and due diligence we need to carry out on your behalf and that of the Landlord.

References & Guarantors

We generally request three references from; your employer, your existing landlord and your bank. Please note that any fees charged by your bank in providing a reference will be your liability. On behalf of our clients and where the Tenant is not a corporate body, we request a credit reference on all applicant tenants by an independent "credit check" organisation.

On rare occasions it may be necessary for us to request the provision of a guarantor to your lease whereby the guarantor will guarantee a payment of rent during the tenancy and this is normally a member of your family.

Registration Cards

Subject to receiving satisfactory references on your behalf we will also require sight of and copy your Registration card. Should you not already have one, Registration cards are available from the States of Jersey Social Security Department in La Motte Street.


In compliance with the Residential Tenancy (Deposit scheme) (Jersey) Regulations 2014 all tenant deposits must be placed with the My/Deposit Jersey scheme within 30 days of receipt, to be held for the duration of the lease. £20 + GST will be deducted from the deposit to cover administration costs, and the deposit will be returned at the end of the term following vacation, and in some cases, less any agreed deductions. Full details and procedures of how the scheme operates can be found on-line at;

Lease Agreements

Subject to satisfactory confirmation of your housing status and eligibility to rent a specific property, we will issue you with a lease agreement, inventory of contents, all of which will require your signature. Our Lease Agreements are written in clear plain English however if you have any specific questions on any of the terms then we will be happy to run through these with you.

An inventory of contents is prepared for your property prior to letting. You will be asked to carefully check the contents and sign the documents. Any discrepancies in the contents or the condition description should be brought to our attention and marked on the copies.Any changes made will be subject to verification by your Property Manager.

Once all of the agreements have been signed you will retain a copy for your records, the other copy will be passed to our client for their retention. On signing the lease the deposit and first months rent will be payable together with any apportioned amount for leases commencing after the first day of each month. Once all of the above has occurred you will be passed a set of keys and your tenancy will commence.

Utilities & Rates

In most circumstances you will be responsible for all charges at the property including for example: electricity, water, telephone, gas and Parish Occupier Rates where applicable. Professonal Links

Please note that if you are in occupation of the property on the 1st of January in any year you will be responsible for the Parish Rates for the entire twelve month period whether or not you remain in occupation for the entire twelve month period.


In most circumstances, the landlord is responsible for insuring the structure of the building and any of their contents which remain in-situ during your tenancy. It is important you understand this insurance will not cover your individual belongings and any furniture that you bring to the property, or any damage incurred to the property by you or your neglect(intentional or otherwise). We strongly advise you to arrange separate insurance cover in this respect.


Although this information is covered in a separate section we point out that you must contact us immediately in respect of any maintenance or repair problem. Your lease will set out the responsibilities for both the Landlord and Tenant in connection with any repairs, but you should always report the issue to us for clarification first before trying to deal with the issue or calling in a contractor. Where you proceed to appoint a contractor without informing Le Gallais first regardless of whether the repair is the responsibility of the Landlord or not, we cannot guarantee that the contractors invoice will be refunded to you by the Landlord.

We use a variety of contractors who respond quickly to problems reported to us by tenants, and we are confident that our contractors can carry out most repairs in a time efficient and orderly fashion.

Periods of Absence/Frost Damage

If you are going away from the property for any length of time during your tenancy (2 weeks or more), you must make provision for someone to check your property during your absence and advise Le Gallais. Secondly you should ensure that the water and central heating pipes do not freeze and burst. In this instance we would suggest that you keep the heating on at a low level or where no heating exists you should turn the water off at the water mains stop cock. If in doubt just ask us, we're here to help!

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