Mortgage Budgeting Kit

What is our Mortgage Budgeting Kit?

Our Mortgage Budgeting Kit is a tool to help work out what size of mortgage could be available to you based on your current financial position.

Download for free

Our Mortgage Budgeting Kit is available to download for free as a digital spreadsheet for Mac or PC.

Microsoft Office

Download: Mortgage Budgeting

Apple Numbers - Mac or iOS

Download: Mortgage Budgeting

How to use our Mortgage Budgeting Kit

To find out more about how to use the Mortgage Budgeting Kit, please visit our how to use guide.

Your feedback & contact us

Thank you for your interest in our Property Buying Kit. We hope all of these tools serve you well during your property search and when applying for a mortgage.

Please let us know how you find using the Property Scorecard and Mortgage Budgeting Kit and possible ways we could look to improve the kit in future!  

If you are seeking further advise, we are always available to talk to you about buying or selling a property.

You can reach us online, by phone or - even better - pop into our office in Bath Street so that we can put a friendly face to the name. 

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