How to use our Property Scorecard

If you are unsure how to get started with our Property Scorecard, follow our 'how to use' guide below.

Property Scorecard (Printout)

Step 1. Download the Property Scorecard PDF to your device and print

Please click on the link below to download the Property Scorecard PDF onto your device.

Download: Property Scorecard

(Printable PDF)

Print using a PC or Mac

Print by using PDF viewing software or through a web browser - this option is usually found under File > Print on the top toolbar.

Print using iOS (iPhone or iPad)

On iOS you can print directly by using a printer that supports AirPrint.

Note: Please check to see if your printer model is compatible for AirPrint by visiting the manufactures support website.

Step 2. Review on paper or download the digital Property Scorecard

If, after filling in a number of scorecards, you would prefer to compare and save your scores on a computer or tablet, you can download the digital Property Scorecard and fill in your ratings, notes and then recap all your scores on the Property Review sheet.


Property Scorecard And Review (Digital)

Step 1. Download the Property Scorecard to your device

Please select below, based on your preferred use, the Property Scorecard file that will open on your device.

Download: Property Scorecard

(Microsoft Office)

Download: Property Scorecard

(Apple Numbers - Mac or iOS)

Note: For the best experience, we recommend using the correct file for your software as other apps may not work as intended. Please remember also to make sure that your software is up to date (Excel 2010 or later. Numbers version 4.2 or later).

Property Scorecard - Download

Step 2. Open the file

On PC or Mac

Once downloaded using your web browser, the Property Scorecard will automatically save in the downloads folder or you might be asked to save it in a particular folder on your computer.

When it is ready, find the file either in the downloads folder or the location where you saved the scorecard, then open it.

On iOS

When downloading on an Apple device using iOS, an option will appear to import the file into Numbers, if available, and this action will open the app automatically. If you do not have the Numbers App on your device, it is available to download from the App Store for free or as a purchase (subject to the model of the device).

Note: The latest version of Numbers may not be available depending the iOS software version or the age of your device. Please update to iOS 10 or above to be able to download Numbers.

Property Scorecard - Open

Step 3. Filling in the property details and scoring

Upon opening, there will be 11 sheets to the digital Property Scorecard - 10 individual scorecards to fill in, one per property, and a review sheet compiling all the scores.

To start, select the Property No. 1 sheet and enter the details provided by your estate agent about the property:

Name of property / Address / Square feet / Price / Number of rooms

When rating, click or tap on the numbered cell next to the key area you wish to rate. From the drop down menu that appears, choose a number that best represents your feelings towards that particular point - scoring 1 for the lowest and up to 10 for the highest.

For example, if the property has plenty of natural light then it could score an 8 out of 10.

Next to the rating is a comments box to add notes.

Towards the bottom of the key areas list is a section called 'Wish List', where you can add your own elements to rate. This could be for wishes like a place to keep the family bicycles, a home office space or even an outdoor swimming pool with waterslide! Simply click or tap on the cell and enter in the title to add to your list.

Property Scorecard - Filling in notes

Step 4 . Reviewing scores

After scoring, the total rating will be calculated automatically, appearing at the bottom of the rating column and at the top of scorecard next to Property Score.

Every completed property score will then be available to compare on the Property Review sheet.

Property Review


Note: All the information provided on this guide was accurate as of 18 September 2017.

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